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Understanding Contact Lenses: Fact vs. Myth

1. I Cannot Wear Contact Lenses.

Sure, you can. Contact lenses now come in a variety of styles including bifocal and astigmatism correction. If you have been told you are not a contact lens candidate in the past, you need to check with the contact lens professionals at Mullins Vision South. With advances in contact lens materials, even patients with the driest of eyes do well with contact lenses.

2. Contact Lenses are Uncomfortable.

No way. After a very brief period of adaptation (about 10 minutes) most patients do not even feel the lens in their eyes. If you do have mild contact lens awareness, there are several methods to improve comfort.

3. Contacts Will Get Stuck Behind My Eye.

Not possible! Your conjunctiva, a thin membrane, covers the white part of your eye and connects to your eyelid. Therefore, it cannot go behind your eye. Rarely the lens may get dislodged and float off the central part of your cornea.

4. Contact Lenses Can Get Permanently Stuck to My Eye.

Contact lenses may get dehydrated on your eye. Simply add a drop of contact lens solution or artificial tear to rehydrate the lens.

5. Contact Lenses are Too Much Trouble to Take Care of.

Most contact lens wearers only use one bottle of multipurpose solution to clean, rinse, and store their contact lenses. It’s as simple as that. Or you can choose to eliminate contact lens care altogether by wearing daily disposable lenses. On the other hand, you may wish to use a lens which does not have to be removed except for once a month for disposal.

6. Wearing Contact Lenses Causes Eye Problems.

Contact lens wear can increase your risk of certain eye problems. But if you follow your eye doctor's instructions regarding how to care for your lenses, wearing contact lenses is very safe. Also, daily disposable contact lens wearers rarely get eye infections due to the frequent nature of replacement.

7. I'll never be able to get them in my eyes.

Sure you will. It might seem difficult at first, but your eye care professional will make sure you learn how to apply and remove your contacts before you leave their office. Most people become adept at handling contact lenses much faster than they expect to!

8. Contacts can pop out of my eye.

Years ago, old-fashioned hard contact lenses could sometimes pop out of a wearer's eyes during sports or other activities. But today's contacts — including rigid gas permeable (GP) contacts — fit closer to the eye so it's very rare for a contact lens to dislodge from a wearer's eye unexpectedly.

9. Contact lenses are too expensive.

Not true. Contact lenses can sometimes be less expensive than a good pair of eyeglasses. Even daily disposable contact lenses, once considered a luxury, can cost only about a dollar a day.

10. I'm too old to wear contact lenses.

Never? With the advent of bifocal contact lenses, and contacts that are specially designed for dry eyes, getting older is no longer the barrier to successful contact lens wear it once was. Ask your eye doctor if you're a good candidate for contacts.