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Eyeglasses have been helping people see more clearly for hundreds of years. But while previous generations didn't have many options to choose from, you'll find a stunning variety of frame shapes, styles, and colors at our optical shop. Mullins can help you make the right selection for your facial shape, skin tone, and fashion sense. We can craft lenses to correct the full scope of refractive errors, from simple nearsightedness or farsightedness to multifocal or progressive lenses for individuals with presbyopia.  

Contact Lenses

You may prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses, either all the time or in certain situations. Mullins can equip you with the ideal contact lenses for your vision prescription, including both single-vision contacts and multifocal contacts. Our team at Mullins Vision South can also provide specialized contacts for hard-to-fit situations such as dry eye, keratoconus, and giant papillary conjunctivitis. Depending on your specific needs, we have options of soft lenses, rigid gas-permeable lenses, or a hybrid of the two.

Specialty Eyewear

Special activities call for specialty eyewear. Turn to our optical center for options such as prescription sunglasses, sports glasses, and safety goggles. We can provide lenses tinted to protect against certain light frequencies, shattering, UV rays, and the reflections that bounce upward from sunny, bright surfaces.

Expert Fittings by Experienced Professionals

Mullins at our vision center will take the time to select the best frame size for comfortable wear. If you're getting multifocal eyeglasses, we will make sure that the different distance fields line up exactly where they should in relation to your pupils. We will also make adjustments as needed until you're satisfied. Contact us at (931) 836-2235 or visit our optical shop today!